WELL v2 standard fully implemented

During the Wellference in Madrid on 22th January took place the official presentation of the new version of the WELL standard.

The expert and professionals of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) define this new tool as more equitable, local and dynamic.

In order to promote equity into the very architecture of the standard, WELL v2 reduce barriers to entry, while maintaining WELL as a mark of true leadership. They offer more choice while retaining rigor.

A relevant update in the WELL v2 is the adaptation on every organisation working pace and the option of paying an annual tax subscription.

WELL is a global tool being utilized in more than 30 countries. In order to make WELL v2 a better fit for people and spaces around the world, we approached the goal of globalization through a strategy of localization; taking into consideration regional health concerns, cultural norms and market realities.

This new version of WELL will be regularly and proactively adapted to varying contexts and constructs, making it even more relevant and readily applicable to spaces and places across the globe.

Among the updates of this new version the strong points are:

  • A new feature set, fewer preconditions and weighted optimizations
  • A consolidation of multiple pilots into one WELL, and improvements to the “All Buildings In” approach introduced last year.
  • An optional early phase review for projects wishing to earn a WELL D&OTM designation that affirms and celebrates progress toward WELL Certification.
  • A new approach to performance verification allowing projects to contract local providers.
  • Significant adjustments to pricing, including a new subscription option.
  • A commitment to equity through market- and sector-specific pricing, a focus on localization and the introduction of a dynamic scorecard.