The importance of The Green Paper

Climate change is already a reality today.  We must develop adaptation actions and actions needs to be taken in a strongly way to mitigate its effects. 

The European built stock is expected to be responsible of the 36% of the polluting emissions in 2050. 50% of the energy consumption in the UE is intended to heating and cooling. That’s why the European Union and other Directives set out actions to hold the energetic efficiency, the reduction energy consumption and to eradicate the carbon-base fuels. 

The Directive 2010/UE of the European Parliament set the aim to reduce a 20% the energy consumption, a 20% the polluting emissions, and that the 20% of the energy production to come from renewable energies in 2020.

In order to accomplish these objectives, at the end of 2020 every new building should be nearly zero-energy. 

The Green paper

On the building sector, the Green Paper is a document that set out the protocol action and an intern policy framework to promote the sustainability and the efficiency of their projects. 

In the last months, Green Building Management have worked on the Green Paper of the real state developer AEDAS Homes, a guide that integrates all measures to follow on their building promotions in the energy area, water, resources, society, economy, good practices, waste management and bio habitability. 

The goal of the Green Paper is to extend to all the company projects the implementation of the sustainable criteria to ensure to the building users the benefits of sustainability. 

  • On 10 de December de 2018