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A multidisciplinary team of people was formed it to respond to the needs of our clients in order to help them integrate sustainability criteria that benefit their business, well-being and environment.

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Jordi Gros Holguera
Green Designer

Currently studying Architecture at the University of Girona (Spain).

Participant in the Erasmus + program at the University of Évora (Portugal) with the aim of establishing similarities between the projects carried out in Spain with those carried out in other European countries.

Presently, doing the master's degree in environmental analysis, carbon footprint and water footprint.

Aside from being a lover of sports and board games, I am passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures.

Xavier Jaime Novo
Specialist in Infrared Thermography and Blower Door.

Technical Architect, with a Master's Degree in Property Valuation and Damage Assessment.

Thermograph certified with level II ITC and Blower Door (homes and small volumes).

Passionate of the mountains and the triathlon.

Marc Masó Varés
Energy Manager and Auditor.

Industrial Engineer, CTO of Proisotec Energia firm. Auditor of ISO 50.001. Secretary of the Spain Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers. Professor of the UdG at the EMCI department.

Marc Albaladejo Puig
Acoustic Consultant and Engineer, industry and building specialized.

Telecommunication Technical Engineer, Image and Sound specialization. Industrial and service project management Master’s Degree. After working for other’s dreams, now I work for mine after funding Alba Acustica firm.

Silence, technology and stuff with four wheels lover.

Josep Farreró Solés
Specialist in environmental issues, in projects and works, both at the level of studies and at the level of execution of works.

Agricultural Engineer from the University of Lleida.

Agricultural Technical Engineer Specialty Agricultural Explotations by the University of Girona, Escuela Politécnica Superior.

Knower of the territory; expert in the production of reports, projects and studies in the environmental, landscape and urban areas; environmental director in projects and works of major infrastructure, in green urbanization and sustainable buildings.

Whenever I can, I stand behind the stove, trying to realize the gastronomic projects that I have in the head Mediterranean Japanese.

Helena Basart Gómez-Quintero
Work doctor and Prevention technique. Specialized in Ergonomics and Applied Psychology, Work Safety and Industrial Hygiene.

Degree of Medicine specializing in Occupational Medicine (MIR). Master in Occupational Health, Master in Evaluating Medicine and Master in Occupational Risk Prevention. I combine the work of a professional medical surveyor with the “Salut i Empresa” project. I like to surround myself with colleagues and friends to work to improve health in the labour place. Enjoy with family, nature and travel are my hobbies.

Josep Masachs Banti
Technical industrial engineer

Technical industrial engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1992). CEM, CMVP, CEA, LEED AP. Proisotec Energia collaborator.

Rita Molinero
Communication manager

Graduate in Advertisement and public relations. She is charge on management publics and corporative contents. When she’s not at the office she loves to travel by van, especially close to the sea.

Gerard Prats
Creative director

Formed as an industrial designer. Manager and creative director at aeiou studio. Graphic, web and interior designer. 25 hours a day. Enthusisast about bikes and any other activity on two wheels, specially if outdoor.

Jordi Gran
Graphic and web designer

Formed as an advertiser. Graphic designer and web developer. Passionated about digital illustration. He loves languages and travelling as far as possible. His favorite continents are Africa and Asia.

Fede Domènech
Graphic Designer

Formed as an Industrial designer. Graphic designer. He is passionate about travel and water sports.

Marta Solà
Graphic Designer

Formed as an advertiser. Graphic designer. Passionate about music and nature.

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