Building certificates

Sustainability: for the planet and for the people.

There are few synergies as connected and complementary as sustainability for both our planet and people around the globe.

Sustainability has become one of the fundamentals in the development of companies, being one of its core values.

CERTIFICATIONS help to achieve and to parameterize these values to be able to measure them and thus subject them to a continuous improvement. LEED / BREEAM / VERDE can be combined with WELL / FITWEL; one with another manage to achieve that buildings and people preserve natural resources for better future; while promoting enhanced human health and well-being.

Sustainability certifications for buildings


BREEAM Certifications

GBM is the only accredited organization in all types of BREEAM certification. From urban planning to in use buildings, including housing and new construction. The objective is to have a holistic and transversal view of sustainability in construction.

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For more information about the BREEAM process you can check and and the BREEAM Awards 2017 video.

Certifications: Viviendas, Nueva construcción, Urbanismo, En uso


LEED Certifications

GBM has been the first consultancy to certify with LEED V.4 BD + C: Core and Shell an office building in Spain and LEED V.4 BD + C: Warehouse and Distribution Center in the World.

GBM is part of the technical and specialist of materials group of the USGBC.

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 For more information about the LEED process you can check and the What is LEED? video.

Certifications: BD+C, ID+C, O+M, ND, Homes


VERDE Certifications

The GBM staff is accredited to obtain VERDE certification. GBM is part of the GBCe and is part of one of its working groups. GBM is one of the consultants authorized to make reports for the Material Platform.

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For more information about the VERDE process you can check

Certifications: Nueva edificación, Rehabilitación, Desarrollos urbanos, Residencial

Health and well-being certifications for buildings


WELL Certifications

WELL is the leading tool for the progress of health and well-being in buildings around the World. Certify your office, building or other space to incorporate the WELL bases and improve health and human experience through design.

The GBM staff is accredited to obtain the WELL certification.

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Certifications: Core & Shell, Interiors, Buildings.


Certifications FITWEL

FITWEL is the main certification system for the optimization of buildings to improve health and productivity results through specific improvements in the design of the workplace and the dwelling and operational policies. Designed to support a healthier future where each building is improved by promoting the well-being of the occupants and the surrounding communities.

The GBM staff is “FITWEL Ambassadors”, accredited to obtain the certification.

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Certifications: Workspaces and Multifamily Residential.